Thanks to the launch of this 100% inclusive brand, Charli Howard aims to change the perception some have of what’s beautiful which is often dedicated to one type of body. Charli Howard thinks about the impact that photoshopped pictures can have on little girls and boys towards their self-love and self-confidence; that’s one of the main reasons why the Brand features all sizes, all skin tones, all bodies, all faces, all genders, it’s THE 100% inclusive brand that grabs all the attention and support.
It contains both collagen and hyaluronic acid; ideal to plump your skin and help keep it youthful and healthy. It also contains a calming lavender oil and aloe vera which are the perfect combination to help you soothe your sensitive skin. Everyone who tried it literally loves it and feels super cute posting selfies while applying it. With each SquishKit ordered, every customer gets a very cute hair tie : the hair bobble, which looks like ice cubes. Squish’ products are effective, playful, bold and beautiful, we couldn’t ask for more!
The second main product of the line are the Floral Power Acne Patches. Now that’s something really innovative. Indeed, they’re “designed to be worn on whiteheads overnight”, they will safely and gently absorb the fluid, so the blemish can come to a head in a germ-free place. These really cute patches can be worn during the day to achieve a cute look and hide but as well heal our acne and draw out impurities. This line wants to help us see that everyone suffers from breakouts, even super-models.
Squish, is composed of three main products:
Squish Beauty : Charli Howard’s new step towards a totally inclusive and body positive skincare line
The last but definitely not least is the Cheeky Cherry Eye and Cheek Mask. That’s literally the cutest mask ever and it’s very effective. This mask is super-squishy, calming. It is a refreshing hydrogelmask that de- puffs both your under-eye AND cheek area, sitting perfectly above and underneath your cheek bone.
Floral Power Acne Patches
Cheeky Cherry Eye and Cheek Mask
Texte : Estelle Rodrigues 03/09/2019
Jelly lip gloss
Squish claims that one type of body doesn’t define beauty, our bodies are diverse, there are various body shapes, multiple, different and upon all, unique and beautiful bodies. This Skincare Line claims that none of their pictures - shot by Ben Ritter- are photoshopped, every REAL and normal texture of a human’s skin is featured in their pictures because “things like acne scars, cellulite, tummy rolls and stretch marks are NORMAL”.
Charli Howard launched Squish, a very cute, fun, colourful and affordable skincare line, on the 2nd of August 2019. It is described as “a line of cheeky products targeted at every woman’s daily skin gripes that can be “squished” right into the skin”. The ingredients and formulas of this cruelty-free line are results-driven as well as paraben, petroleum, sulphate and perfume free, which makes them suitable for customers with sentive skin just like Charli. Let’s take a closer look at the products.
Charli Howard who is a well-known model as well as a Body Positive Activist is also an Author; she published two books in 2018 dedicated to body positivity and self acceptance, she preaches that every body is beautiful and should be considered so.
The first one is the Jelly Lip Gloss which is a transparent, nourishing and hydrating gloss, and we all need a cute hydrating lip gloss. The package is really cute, it’s a squishy tube , it gives a wet but non-sticky look with jojoba oil. You can wear it on its own or on top of a coloured lip.