GENERATION 💘 Through this digital editorial in collaboration with the brand @_fstd_ , Magazine Uniform chose to cast various types of people, all different from one another. Depicting diversity and representing minority groups in media has a powerful impact on audiences and can shape our view of reality. Yet, in most media, exclusion is the norm rather than the exception. This is particularly problematic when you realize that representation is key to break deeply-rooted stereotypes. We are currently heading towards a more diverse and cosmopolite future but factors like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and so on still influence our life experiences, sometimes in a demeaning way. Stories are mostly told from the perspective of the majority group who often depicts minorities and underprivileged groups in a stereotypical way. Most of these people don’t feel represented and have trouble seeing people like them in media. Magazine Uniform wants to change that. Representation shapes your opinion. Representation is everything. Representation matters.
Photographer : @guillaume.clrt Stylist : @unviveur Models : @itscarrotcake , @begzbunny ,@crustasex , @misshyle , @sluttyslender , @miss.eboshy @elliana_wise , @santiagosexycouscous Layout : @stephaniecdesign